AWS Credentials

To simplify the creation of the certificate header file required by Mocana, Micrium has created this tool to generate the header file for you. You will need to use an AWS access/secret key that has at a minimum AWS IoT Config Access permissions. Using your AWS keys we will provision a certificate from AWS IoT, attach the required security policy to the certificate, convert it to a binary format and insert it into our certificate header file template. That file will then be presented to the browser for you to download.


By clicking Generate you are transmitting your AWS access key/secret key to Micrium’s server. Micrium has made every attempt to secure this transmission by using HTTPS and we do not log your keys. We only use the keys to create AWS IoT credentials and geneate a header file. If you are following along this lab with your own AWS account it is recommended to create a new user in IAM that only has permissions to access AWS IoT Config and once finished using this tool to regenerate or delete the keys. If you have any questions about this tool don’t hesitate to contact Micrium.